About me

You can call me Azi



My name is Amos Zohar Iddan, but you can call me Azi. I am a father for two beautiful children, and a husband for my amazing wife. I enjoy simple things like long walks, listening to books, cooking and playing video games (anything with a sword would be fine).

I love everything about the digital space it is an endless canvas for creativity , and I'm a specially being fascinated with all aspects of User Experience design.

I want to build my own startups or take part in one, that aims to conquer the world with their ideas. Creating products of value, that inspire others, excite, and make a memorable experience.

I find myself attracts towards Gaming, for in its core it’s all about having fun. Fun bridges between cultures and people in the best of terms. I love a challenge and making complex problem translate to a clear and simple solutions.