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Help bitemojo to increase conversion of app tours, lead generation ,optimize funnels


Exponential increase in app download  +10,000   & lead generation by 150% ☝

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Hyperlocal experience via a self-guided neighborhood culinary tours in cities across the world

The Challenge

Create a complete redesign of the website in such a way, it will convey the core values of bitemojo and result in both more appealing look and better funnels for leads and app conversion. The design should emphasize all the benefits using the app and how it allows flexibility, customized & hyperlocal experience 📌🌏

User independence
Travelling the world the bite way
Supporting small businesses

The Process

Starting off with reviewing the old site. Highlighting places that are problematic - by creating several hypothesis of user journey maps, navigation and links, overall design tone, information architecture & hierarchy.

Next, crafting an approach and structure that will best serve the wanted outcome. So we focused on social validation and memorable moments. 👍


Social validation - continuously using reviews and users feedback as the core description of the tours and many of the photos shown are pictures taken by users.

Memorable moments - we picked imagery that shows a glimpse look into moments in the tour like when two people’s eyes met, or when several people shared a smile, or an expression of awe when discovering a new taste. giving an authentic tone was crucial. we tried avoiding photos that looked to stocky.

Five steps Journey - Instead of a lenthgy explenation on the benefits of the app we made a path for the user to follow through, that showcase them with better copy and icons.

A calling -  we planted more & more call to action elements, that before were barely excited. We tried to make sure that they are easy to spot & immediate.

The Outcome

Bitemojo since than had won 🏅 form Visa, Travel and hospitality awards, & Food trekking awards. It is increasingly scaling up, reaching out for more destinations to explore, and curate new tours for its users. I can say with confidence that it is a welcomed and enjoyable way to experience new places or even discover new places in your own city.

Increase in lead generation
App downloads

The Visuals