The Challenge

As part of this challenge, I had to take Selina’s app home page and address three main points:

1. Personalizing the app experience
2. Selina’s story
1.Giving the app the Latin America Vibe

For this challenge, I have picked to use my android
phone - Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro, which his portrait height is quite higher than most previous android phones but similar to other flag models.

Secondly, the design reflects an experience made for an exciting user, not a new one.


Adding a new voice, to Selina's approach

1. The welcome message  - “Hi Amos, welcome back, where too, next?”
The app addresses the user in his first name, greeting him and inviting him into his next experience. a sense of tone similar to a long time friend, who had  just been waiting for his arrival

2. Favorite Places button - in the header and the location cards, I added a button allowing the user to keep all the places he found most exciting or locations he enjoyed his stay, allowing him to revisit them quickly.

3. New categories  - In the tab menu, I added a few categories. First of all, I add a “recent” category that reminds the user of his most recent stay. Allowing him easily to re-experience past success. Second I thought of taking a different approach that lists the location according to an experience rather than the geographic area. It allows the user to get a sense of what is expected if he chooses any of these places listed in that category.

Selina's Story

tells the users a story about a hospitality experience that revolves around people.


Selina is all about the people and the experience they can have when coming to one of their many spread locations around the world. One of the main focuses is creating commune spaces so people would interact together as much as possible. So i picked pictures that highlights the people interaction rather than a loction

Destenation page

To create a complete feel of how the design communicates Selina's voice. I also felt I had to address how a destination page should look. the slider in the header takes the full width of the page, to give it more emphasis on the image story.

Original design
New design


The rooms, ohhh, the rooms. In Selina, the rooms are one of the main eye-catchers; you just, want to be inside them. Well-designed, fun-looking places. So I designed this component in such a way it would convey these values in a more playful Interaction, and not just a button. A circular slider that lets the user navigate between selected rooms without going to the rooms list page.

Original design
New design


a set of small squares, to illustrate it as if each event is a small taste of what you can explore

Original design
New design

How to get here

A dropdown accordion, for it is easier for the user to scan through them when the axis view is top to bottom.

Original design
New design


because of the colorful background, I used google's default map and not the monochrome skin the original design utilizes

Original design
New design

The Latin America vibe

when I think of Latin America, I think of color, playfulness, enjoyment, fun…a happy place. For that reason, I Picked in the  following:


each category has a different background pattern, which is colorful, abstract that gives the app a more energetic feel. To avoid making to much noise, I toned it down with a gradient color layered above the pattern, so it won’t compete for the user’s attention from focusing on the content.


I change the location card, and instead of only an Image, I add a wave shape that cuts the Image, and continues to strengthen the energetic fluid vibe, plus makes it easier to read the title and the amenities listed.

Circular Shapes

All the elements contain a curved shape or circular shape, to give the app a sense of fluidity - everything in this experience is dynamic. A small use of emoji's in the titles adds a little fun factor, all in the spirit of the Latin America vibe

Thank you for watching

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