Ui & UX Design

Exploring the current reality, brainstorming, understanding pain points we can resolve.  Envisioning alternative futures and ideating possible solutions. Getting users to help us make some tough choices via prototyping. making it work in-market and as a business.

All about U

To start off, we talk :). I want to know everything about your business, your wants & needs to cultivate the right product and tools for you.

Ux -Research

User research, Interviews, Competitive analysis, to understand your market position, a-b testing to optimize and configure a data based decisions to form the right approach

Ux -Structure

Journy map, Personas, wireframes & prototyping. This is a circular process, in which we refine the best structure for your App.

Ui Design

Let's make things pretty :). creating a unified language & design system that allows you to keep a homogeneous look and feel